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You've invested in a genuine Penn Chemists candle, so why in the world would you throw out one of our gorgeous glass vessels after your candle has reached the end of its burn life?

Here are some simple tips that will afford you the opportunity to remove the residual wax and save the vessel to give it a new life:

1. To shrink and remove the remaning wax from the bottom of the glass, simply put the vessel in the freezer for a few hours and the wax will pop right out.

2. In the event that the interior wall of your vessel still has wax residue, simply blow a hair dryer (on LOW heat setting) into the vessel until the wax melts. Hold the hair dryer a good distance away so that the wax does not melt too quickly and blow out of the vessel.

3. Quickly pour the melted wax into a garbage container (NEVER in a sink) and wipe the interior of the vessel very well with some paper towels.

4. If any residual wax still remains, run hot water in the vessel and wipe clean. NEVER use boiling water, as this may crack the glass.

5. NEVER use a recycled vessel for use with food or any type of edibles.

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