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This is not another collaboration with a movie star, musical artist, rapper, or brand.  This is something special that we hold close to our hearts at Penn Chemists. Founded in 1903, DeVore Hardware Store has spanned five generations of family ownership and has been an iconic institution that has served our small community in Western Pennsylvania for almost 120 years. With its original tin ceilings, creaky wood floors, and tarnished brass scales, DeVore Hardware tells a story of a once staple institution that could be found in every small town in America that is now on the verge of extinction. Many of the components that go into making our candles are purchased from DeVore Hardware. From the glue that holds the candle wick in place, to the rolls of kraft paper that cover our work tables. We spent a few minutes with Don Devore to chew the fat  about the importance of "shopping small".

PC:  How does a small-town hardware store like yours last over 120 years?

DD:  Customer service and the knowledge of every product we sell. Local folks come in with a problem and we're able to solve it with more than one option.


PC: What's the difference between American-made vs imported products?

DD: We go out of our way to sell merchandise made in this country. Unfortunately, it's become harder and harder since so many of these manufacturers are no              longer in business and we're forced to stock the cheaper imports. It's a real challenge, but sometimes we're able to find a piece of hardware hidden in a box               on one of our top shelves that was made in this country 50 years ago!

PC: What have the struggles been with operating a business in a small town?

DD: Well, when the big box stores started opening up, a lot of our customers started shopping there because it was cheaper. Over time, they came back because              they realized that saving a couple of dollars didn't match the know-how they'd get from a small hardware store. In the end, you get what you pay for, and you          simply don't get the customer service that goes with knowing how a product works and the ability to show a customer how to use it.

PC: Why is shopping "small' important?

DD: That's an easy one. Because it supports your local economy. That small, local store is your neighbor. They know your name and remember what you bought          the last time you were in. They always go the extra mile for you because their livelihood depends on giving you the absolute, best customer service.


PC: Your thoughts on our DeVore Hardware fragrance?

DD: I never could have imagined that someone could be able to come up with something like this. It brings back the memories of when I was a kid walking past

       the lumber yard that we had out back. The smell of those fresh-cut pine and cedar boards has never left me. Funny how a smell can do that.








Henry DeVore making a local delivery circa 1909
Interior of DeVore Hardware Store circa 1923
DEVORE 1.jpg
DeVore Hardware Store circa 1938 
DEVORE 6.jpg
Don DeVore 2024
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