BLUE SPRUCE: Find yourself standing within a forest of these noble and aromatic Rocky Mountain trees with sharp top notes of fresh Pine Tar and wet Oak Moss, heart notes of Regal Lime and invigorating Noble Fir, and foot notes of raw Cedar bark and burnt Forest Amber.


EMBERS: For those who relish the smell of a cozy, smoky-essenced fireplace, reminiscent of freshly ignited logs or a big bonfire in the woods. Opulent top notes of Charred Cedar, Smoked Birch, Burnt Pine, with heart notes of sweet Mandarin and Juniper Berries, and a finale of spicy Bengal Pepper.


JAKARTA: Inspired by the capital city of Indonesia known for its melting pot of cultures and exotic range of spices. This rich fragrance is composed of sumptuous head notes of Clove, Cardamom seed and succulent Mandarin Zest, blended with heart notes Cassia Cinnamon, rare African Ginger and spicy Black Peppercorn, with foot notes of ground Nutmeg and Italian Blood Orange.


    • Vessels: Saphire, Emerald and Amethysit Glass With Matte Gold Logo.
    • Weight: 10 Ounces Each
    • Approximate Burn Time: 70 Hours Per Candle
    • Scent Family: Wood, Fire and Clove
    • Gender: Unisex
    • Size: 4"H x 3 1/4"W
    • Wax Base: Our exclusive and botanical blend of natural soy, coconut oil and organic beeswax
    • 100% Cotton Wick
    • Hand-Poured
    • No Animal Testing